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What is the Difference Between a PEO and ASO?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) commonly referred to as "employee leasing" or "co-employment", is a full-service offering. It includes the administration of payroll processing, human resources, employee benefits, and workers' compensation. With a PEO relationship, employees are grouped together creating cost effective benefit options and management efficiencies enabling employers to focus on running their business.

In an Administrative Services Organization (ASO) model there is no employment relationship between your employees and the ASO. The employer maintains the employee-employer relationship and retains the employer of record designation. We will custom tailor a solution to provide you the services that address your specific needs and offer the most benefit for your organization.

Since each company is different, deciding on a PEO or ASO relationship can be confusing. Call 1-866-561-9700 to speak with one of our industry experts. They will guide you through the options and help you select the model and services that best suit your company's unique needs.